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Guiding people back to their light

Let's Work Together

Oracle/Tarot Reading

Offered online: 60-minute session

Tarot and Oracle have been around as reliable spiritual guidance for centuries. Tarot especially has been around since the 15th century and comes with its own history and meaning behind each card while Oracle is completely intuitive and channeled. Before the reading,there is an opportunity to ask specific questions about a certain area of your life that you may want clarity on, or you can choose a general life reading. Each reading follows the same structure; past, present and future. I will dive into each section providing you messages from spirit and guidance moving forward.

$55 / hr

Bio-Energy Healing Session

Offered in-person or online: 60-minute session

This holistic modality is a soft yet extremely powerful healing practice. With its non-invasive approach, I am able to use specific techniques to remove and clear blockages within the body. What are 'blockages'? From a basic science standpoint, we know that everything is made from atoms, and atoms are made from energy. Therefore emotions are energy. Blockages occur when we don't fully process and release emotions, this can happen when we experience PTSD, trauma, pain, guilt, anger, shame, etc. We can store this unwanted energy for an extremely long period of time. Most of us are still carrying stored energy from childhood. In heightened cases, this energy can start showing up as a disease and chronic conditioning. But with specific gentle techniques, I am able to clear and allow the energy to return to its natural flow state ultimately restoring and recovering the body.

$88 / hr

Kundalini Meditation One-on-One

Offered online: 60-minute session

Kundalini energy is located at the base of the spine within us all. When activated by meditation, which in this case includes; prana (breath), mantra (sound), and mudra (movement). The goal here is to guide the kundalini energy up the spine reaching to the top of our head and beyond. This affects all of our 10 energy bodies, almost like pressing the 'refresh button'. Kundalini Meditation has been known to be extremely helpful for a variety of conditions, but I would highly recommend this practice if you're battling with mental health, feeling 'stuck', or having difficulty breaking old patterning. This is a great way to recover the nervous system, get out of your own way and create more vitality.

$100 / hr

Meet Syd

Hello, I'm Syd. I am a certified Bio-Energy Healing Practitioner, Yoga instructor, and Intuitive reader based in Vancouver, BC. I'm here to reconnect my clients back to the magic all around and more importantly within. As Roald Dahl says, "those who do not believe in magic will never find it." Healing comes in phases and I am here to honor you wherever you're at in your journey, offering space to nurture that mind, body, and spirit of yours back to your light.

Where it all began:

I was born a healer. There was never a pivotal moment in my life that made me change my path into this world, this was always my world. Since I was little I have always been drawn to energy, healing, the moon, and another way of being. I craved something different, but I never really knew what that difference was until I discovered my connection to the 'magic'. What's the 'magic'? For me, it's the connection between my mind, body, and spirit all culminating as one and expanding beyond my physical self. I found this to be a deeply sacred space that allowed me to heal from my own trauma and battles. This space gave me my spark back, time and time again. So that's why I'm here, so excited and honored to be sharing these offerings with you.

Sydney Fisher
T- 604.360.4427

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